Publicity materials from Zulu Exhibitor's Showmanship Manual

[Webmistress's note:  These items come from an oversized pressbook containing posters, canned reviews, and other publicity materials for Zulu.  The pressbook's contents are generally redundant or otherwise unremarkable, but the two articles reproduced below are of interest for their specific coverage of James Booth. 

The "No Southpaws" article would seem to be pure B.S.   Booth did not appear in any "thin red line" scenes at the barricades in Zulu; he didn't set foot in Africa for this project, having done all his filming in Twickenham Studios in London.  Also, Booth nowhere gives evidence of being left-handed; he always leads with his right.

The "Big Booth" article gives Booth's birthplace as Bethnal Green (a first) and reports his weight (196 lb.) and eye color (brown).  It also says he served in the army for five years (not three, as other sources have claimed    --db]