Question of the Month:  May 2007:  Booth vs. Caine


In their DVD commentary on Zulu, Sheldon Hall and Bob Porter discuss Michael Caine's famous attempt to audition for the role of Hookie.  Porter opined that  Michael Caine could not have played Hookie but was perfect for Bromhead.  Do you agree?  And what about Booth as Bromhead? 

Please click on the one answer that best reflects your opinion.  (Please vote only once.)


        Yes         James Booth could have played Bromhead,

                                    but Michael Caine would have been all wrong for Hookie.



        No-1         Both actors could have handled either role.  Booth would

                                     have made a fine Bromhead, and Caine would have made a fine Hookie.



        No-2        Booth could not have played a believable Bromhead

                                     any more than Caine could have played a believable Hookie. 



Check back next month for survey results.